Monday, August 24, 2009

The First Day of School

The First day of school!

I have to admit, the first day of school this year is not as bad as it was last year. It was difficult last year because it was a new town, school, congregation, faces etc... This year I am excited for them ... although I will miss them at the house, office, car, stores, front and backyards, etc... I will secretly miss the "I'm bored", "That's not fun", "Are we there yet?" etc ... statements! I guess my mind says, "Yeah!" but my heart says "No way! Not yet".

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baird Updates

Seems like we have been going in the fast lane for some time now. The kids are not as ready to go back to school as much as I am ready for them to go back to school!
Summer has been fun.

We coached Alexis and Hunter's T-Ball team. Makayla played machine pitch. None of my kids played ball in Juneau. It was a new and fun experience.

The Murrays came to visit (not long enough but we'll take what we can get). We went to the Great Wolf Lodge and a Texas Ranger Baseball game in Dallas.
The Bairds spent a week of Bible study (teaching) at QMCC in Oklahoma. It was good to see that many kids being taught spiritual things. It was also good to see so many kids having good wholesome fun! Makayla and Lexi loved camp and really did not want to leave. Lexi really missed the campers that she bonded with. Hunter played most of the time. He rode his bicycle, played basketball, ... It was a great week for him (meaning no hospital visits or major accidents!).

We also had a wonderful time in the mountains of New Mexico. My family got together for three days of fun, eating, fishing, playing games and good ole story telling. Lexi caught a fish and I caught 2. We left before everyone else (4:00 am) to travel to Searcy, Arkansas (about 15 1/2 hours). We had a blast there too. We camped in tents at Greers Ferry Lake for two nights. We played in the lake, jumped off cliffs, lived through a thunderstorm. We had a serendipity while we were there! We found out that the Marshalls from Juneau were going to be at Greers Ferry Lake too so we made arrangements to see them. Those kids have matured so much! It was great to see them.

We came home Thursday and had a soccer game that evening. Yes our kids are playing soccer! I love it! Two of our good friends (Jennifer and Anna) are coaching Hunter's team. Jennifer and Amanda are coaching Makayla and Alexis' team. Our kids have had lots of fun playing!

Now you know why they are not ready to go back to the humdrum school life and I am ready for a routine (at least for two or three weeks)!