Monday, April 6, 2009

Hunting Easter Eggs

We decided to get a little practice hunting easter eggs this week because we are going to LTC next week. After potluck Sunday afternoon, several families planned on hiding/hunting easter eggs in the park but due to inclement weather, we hid them in the church's building. It didn't take long to hide them and it took even less time to hunt them! I wish our kids could clean as thorough and enthusiastically as they cleaned up those eggs!
I enjoy the easter holiday because it is a time where families come together. I like the thought of easter and the emphasis some folks place on easter as a celebration of Christ's resurrection. I wish folks would place that same emphasis on every day and not just on one day but if for one day I can have the opportunity to encourage folks to seek a relationship with Christ then I had better use that one day to glorify God, celebrate what He has done, is doing and will do so that others may be motivated to do the same. All-in-all, easter is an ordinary perfect day to glorify God.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Boil Some Water! The Heifer is calving!

A while back, Kenneth Littlefield, one of our elders, invited our family out to the ranch to have the really cool experience of watching a calf being born. Yep ... I've lived in Texas for a long time and have never had the privilege of being their for the little fella.
We went out after pot-luck lunch (no services in the evening which allows for more personal fellowship). The kids were so excited. We drove around big momma, examined her at a distance, drove around big momma and back to the ranch house several more times. During one of the visits to the house big momma did her thing! The ranch house just happens to have two four wheelers that the kids love, OK I admit it - I tend to like them a lot too!

We did get to see a newborn calf, be around two Lamas, ride four wheelers, jump on the trampoline, watch Kenneth shoot at two coyotes, cut open a dead cow to see how she died, feed a baby calf, eat one of Vickie's excellent dinners, a nice ride into town, good discussions about the beautiful sunsets, etc... Here are some pics of another Baird Escapade!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Birthday Parties and Celebrations

We have two birthdays in March - Brooklyn's and Alexis'. We had fun celebrating their births (and all the other days of their lives too). I like getting together with people just about every chance we can. Especially when we are having fun!

We had Brooklyn's 2 year old Birthday party at McDonald's in Plainview. It was fun to watch the kids until we didn't watch one or rather couldn't find one. It didn't happen until the end of the party when everyone had been exiting the building to get in their cars. We thought we had everyone! Oooops! We were missing one. Which one do you think we left behind? Which one almost stopped my wife's heart?

For Lexi's birthday, we all went to the YMCA because it is "fun to be at the YMCA". Gotta love that song! It will probably be in your head all day now. You're welcome! Anyway, we had her party last Saturday, right after the big snow blizzard (that is relative to where you live). We had a lot of fun celebrating her 6th birthday. We had some special guests there - grandma, aunt Terrie, and Jasalyn came from Arkansas; Janet came from Alaska to Colorado Springs to drive down with her daughter Sarah. It was an awesome time! We don't have any pictures of that - our camera battery died. Evidently it is an odd size because we couldn't find one anywhere!