Saturday, April 4, 2009

Boil Some Water! The Heifer is calving!

A while back, Kenneth Littlefield, one of our elders, invited our family out to the ranch to have the really cool experience of watching a calf being born. Yep ... I've lived in Texas for a long time and have never had the privilege of being their for the little fella.
We went out after pot-luck lunch (no services in the evening which allows for more personal fellowship). The kids were so excited. We drove around big momma, examined her at a distance, drove around big momma and back to the ranch house several more times. During one of the visits to the house big momma did her thing! The ranch house just happens to have two four wheelers that the kids love, OK I admit it - I tend to like them a lot too!

We did get to see a newborn calf, be around two Lamas, ride four wheelers, jump on the trampoline, watch Kenneth shoot at two coyotes, cut open a dead cow to see how she died, feed a baby calf, eat one of Vickie's excellent dinners, a nice ride into town, good discussions about the beautiful sunsets, etc... Here are some pics of another Baird Escapade!


Anonymous said...

I love the things you do with your children, and I loved their pictures. Thank God for good people like Kenneth and Vicky who still take interest in families and share their Godly lives with them. Love, Jm

Bruce and Amanda Baird said...

amen jm! we have been blessed with good Godly families everywhere we have lived!