Tuesday, March 31, 2009

AIM Graduation

On March 14th Amanda and I were able to celebrate with Natalie and Erin their Graduation from AIM. I think the saying is, "Once and AIMer always and AIMer!" rings true. Once a person has been blessed by serving others it is hoped that it always remains "in their blood" no matter where they choose to live. I will always hold AIM students in high regard for their service, commitment, and sacrifices they choose to make because of their faith. Many times they are the unsung heros ... they need Jesus like the rest of us, to continue to wash with His blood ... nne-the-less, they are heros! They don't and won't belive they are because they live their lives with the humility of Christ.
Here are some pictures of the AIM Graduation.

These two guys make me look BAD! They are two of my nephews Taylor (AIM student being sent to Florida) and Parker (visiting AIM for Camp Adventure).

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

People we'd love to see again!

I thought I would share a few photos of some "old" friends of ours in Juneau, Alaska!
They are "old" friends very dear to our heart!

Life would be dull and bleak if we didn't have good friends to paint a brilliant stroke of serrendipitous color of life every now and then. Those brush strokes of life come from all different kinds of people, living in different places, different times and circumstances all being used by God to bring Glory unto Himself through faithful lives. God knows what the picture looks like more than we do but ... from what I can see by faith ... it sure is vibrant and dull, mountain peaks with valleys and dry deserts, rain and drought, calm and stormy - all in all - God is a spectacular painter! Let God use you to paint someone's life today!
PS - Not all the brush strokes make since to us in the moment but later on hopefully those wild scary, quick strokes that look like mistakes will turn inot a beautiful sonrise, stream, snowfall, gentle rain, etc...
Please pray for some friends of ours. Their 3 year old grandson (great-grandson) has just died in a house fire. I know they convet your prayers right now.