Tuesday, March 24, 2009

People we'd love to see again!

I thought I would share a few photos of some "old" friends of ours in Juneau, Alaska!
They are "old" friends very dear to our heart!

Life would be dull and bleak if we didn't have good friends to paint a brilliant stroke of serrendipitous color of life every now and then. Those brush strokes of life come from all different kinds of people, living in different places, different times and circumstances all being used by God to bring Glory unto Himself through faithful lives. God knows what the picture looks like more than we do but ... from what I can see by faith ... it sure is vibrant and dull, mountain peaks with valleys and dry deserts, rain and drought, calm and stormy - all in all - God is a spectacular painter! Let God use you to paint someone's life today!
PS - Not all the brush strokes make since to us in the moment but later on hopefully those wild scary, quick strokes that look like mistakes will turn inot a beautiful sonrise, stream, snowfall, gentle rain, etc...
Please pray for some friends of ours. Their 3 year old grandson (great-grandson) has just died in a house fire. I know they convet your prayers right now.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about the little boy. Even though we know he is in a wonderful place, no one wants to lose a child. I ache in my heart for his family. I know the both of you do. My parents lost a little girl almost 80 years ago, before I was born. She was run over by a car. All my life I've wondered how the family handled it. Thank God they knew God. That's how they handled it.

KP said...

hey there is not a oic of me????? whats with that? does any of the Baird family want to see me agian???? hmmm well i still love you!
love you guys lots and lots
katie paden

KP said...

i meant a picture=D