Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wild Week at the Baird's

We spent most of Saturday in Amarillo running errands, shopping (gag me with a spoon!), eating in the mall, and going to my niece's birthday party at Mr Gattis. Our ETA in Tulia was about 9:15 pm but we were delayed by a storm. What storm? The one that rumbled deep down inside Hunter! Maybe it was more like a volcano instead of a storm, or maybe Jonah's big fish as it spewed him out. Anyway, he projected his meal all over the car! Poor guy. I was actually not that upset about the mess but more concerned for him. We knew something was up (or about to be up) because he was pretty docile at Mr Gattis. I thought it was because he had to go shopping! I have successfully trained my children not to like shopping. I am sure they will be reprogrammed when they hit the teen years.

Sunday was spent with two sick kids, Hunter with the stomach bug and Brooklyn with a head cold. Sunday evening was spent listening to Makayla cough and sputter - yep she was getting sick too. Makayla has always been susceptible to upper respiratory stuff. She ended up staying home from school Monday and Tuesday. Sunday and Monday nights were restless nights for her and us.

Monday was pretty uneventful, except listening to the moans of Makayla and watching out for Hunter because he was back to his old self. Well, almost ... Hunter came to Amanda's side of the bed (thankfully) about 2:00 am saying he felt like he was going to puke and just as he finished the statement ... yep .. another Old Faithful. I got up and helped with that little trauma too. He went to sleep pretty soon after the event. He wasn't running a fever, no aches and pains, no head aches, just the obvious. All day Tuesday was a typical day for him.

Wednesday rolled around with uneventful stuff until I picked Lexi up from school. While on the playground Lexi and two or three little girls put rocks in another girl's ear! What!?!? Where do they get it? I am so proud of Lexi! Not for putting the rocks in the ear, although she let or wanted them to do it, but for admitting to the teacher what she had done even though the other little girls didn't admit to it. That takes a lot of courage, stamina and internal fortitude. GOOD JOB LEX!

I later on, while the kids were doing there homework I sat down with Hunter and Brooklyn in my lap. I noticed Hunter had a metallic object sounding thing in his mouth so I removed it (a penny!) and reproved, rebuked and exhorted as any good preacher/dad would. He took the speech about dirty money, germs, etc... fairly well - or so I thought. After a little bit I got up, took out the trash and picked up the back yard. While doing so Makayla and Lexi come jaunting out the door and say "Mom and Hunter need you! Hunter has a coin stuck in his mouth!" Again, "What!?!?" Not my Hunter, I just lectured him about putting anything in his mouth beside food, drink or gum was a bad idea! Yep, lodged right between his chompers was a dime stuck to the roof of his mouth - that must be the rate of inflation right - from a penny to a dime in 15 minutes! I couldn't get it out, Amanda tried too, so we took him to the professionals - Dr. Cody Culwell. It took a little effort but he got it out.

I have learned not to ask "What's next?". I just wait and see. I am not as anxious or panic stricken as I used to be. I keep thinking, "God has brought us through .... and He will bring us through this too!"

Sorry, no pictures of the last week!


Paden Family said...

Not a dull moment when kids are envolved. I also have learned that God is the one in control of every situation. Thankfully He is because I mess up to much. who knows maybe next time you can get Hunter to somehow get $50's to come out of his mouth. I pray your family is getting better. Have a great day. Lela

Marci said...

It is a good thing that you are not anxious anymore and you never ask what is next. You may not like the answer you get!! But you are right, God is the One who helps us through. So sorry it was such a chaotic week.

Liss and MOMMY said...

Dude- do they still use "gag me with a spoon"????? You are sooo 80's or 90's. I don't even remember when it has been so long.
ps we can still ski and run marathon together we will just meet. I will be here every month while Cody is oncall so save your one good sermon a month for me.:)

Anonymous said...

BTW - never say your kids won't do something. Have you heard of the bean up the nose? ;)

Anonymous said...

Bruce Hunter is so like you.
Don't you remember how I fought you forever for putting things in your mouth. Do you remember the day I paddled you for coming home from school (around age 8-10) with a mouth full of thumb tacks? I'd already given you that same little speech you gave Hunter dozens of times. It just doesn't work. Maybe the trip to the doctor will help. Anyway, I love you, Amanda and the sweet kids, sorry it was a horrible week and hope next week goes better. MOM

amanda said...

Lela - got any tips on how to get 50's? Sorry to hear about your cousins. I pray all will heal on all levels.

Marci - if our life wasn't chaotic it would be normal!

liss and MOMMY - what's the new lingo - gag me with a steak knife?
Wishing you guys weren't leaving but we understand. Looking forward to those commitments.

my life - the bean up the nose is a classic! tried it once, once is enough!

mom - you're the reason I memorized the 10 commandments at such an early age! Preaching just seemed liked the natural transition.

Monalea said...

Hey little bro....

I used to tell the kids, "Everything is going to be ok. Ya' know? It could be worse." One day Rebekah said, "Mom, quit saying that. It keeps getting worse."

You and your wonderful family continue to be in my prayers.

Monalea said...


Bruce, I'm not sure if you are aware of it or not, but little Hunter is just like you when you were growing up. I know, I was there. :)

Monalea said...

I'm needing more Baird Escapades. I'm running low.