Friday, February 20, 2009

Church Ski Trip

There were 33 of us who went to Angel Fire, New Mexico last weekend for a Spiritual Renewal Retreat. No, we are not retreating spiritually but we're advancing with a renewed zeal!

Several hit the slopes, several hit the inner tubes and several hit the pillows! We all had a good time doing what we wanted to do with the people we wanted to do it with as well. I love and relate to a song in our church song book that states, "I love the thrill that I feel when I get together with God's wonderful people ..." On Sunday morning we spoke of of the church is described as a spiritual building, household of God, family, and a body. All of these analogies demonstrate the need that we have for each other. What role or part do you play in the church? Think about it.

I heard a story about a father driving his family back home after a morning assembly. The father kept going on and on about how poor the assembly was - the singing was too slow or too fast, the sermon was too boring, the prayers were too dry and way too long, the lady sang off key next to them, etc ... on and on he went complaining about everything he could think of. Finally, he calmed and the young boy in the back seat commented, "What do expect for a buck, dad?"

I'm not saying if you contribute more to the collection plate as it passes by then the more you will enjoy worship assemblies. I do believe the more one "invests" in God, His word, His people, His world then more spiritually minded a person becomes and the more he enjoys worship assemblies.
Sorry for the sermonette ~ enjoy the pictures!


Anonymous said...

All I can say is that "IT WAS FUN!" And I started to learn to ski! Ok - I never made it past the snowplow - but I will next time!

Monalea said...

Glad ya'll had fun and made it home safely.


Bruce and Amanda Baird said...

We had a blast too and we were glad to travel home safely.

Bethany and Andrew Vaughn said...

Now that looks like fun!! I did this once in Utah at a resort and it was a blast. It's nice to beable to get out and enjoy the your convenience.

Anonymous said...

I like your little sermons, we all need them whatever our age. I especially love all the pictures of the kids. I love your family always ...... Amanda's mother-in-law