Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hunter John Baird - One of a kind!

We are very blessed to have a gift such as Hunter John! He is definitely ALL BOY in spirit, energy, enthusiasm, acting without thinking, jumping before looking, toughness etc...

On the way back from the ski trip, about 15 - 20 miles from Clayton, Hunter began to sing a song. It was his own song and it was his own tune! Nobody knew the song but it wasn't hard to learn it because it only had one verse. The verse goes like this "I wanna a doughnut, I wanna a doughnut, Dance trees dance!" We had been eating little white doughnuts (a tradition of mine when I go on road trips - actually a tradition of mine and Trey's). We wouldn't let him have anymore as Clayton, NM and lunch time were coming up quick. So that explains the first part of the verse. Who knows where he got the second part of the verse! Anyway, the little ditty is ingrained in the brain because he sang it for 20 minutes straight!

There are many more stories about our Hunter but I am trying to write about the cute ones as to not run off any baby sitters or potential baby sitters.


Anonymous said...

I had two little boys who used to sing "Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road" all the way to Hereford and back. In fact, pretty little Hunter looks just like my youngest one except for his red hair. Hey, and my boys turned out great, Hunter will, also. Little boys take time, patience, lots of love, understanding,and constant prayer.

Monalea said...

He's pretty incrediable!!!!

KP!!!!! said...

omigosh i miss you guys sooooooo much when are u gonna come vist poor lonely me up in AK?????? i miss makayla, lex, hunt man, and brookie Love youall and miss u oobers and oobers!

Bruce and Amanda Baird said...

Anon - I can hear the tune to the skunk in the middle of the road as I write! I really enjoy spending time with Hunter as well as all my kids. They all like to wrestle in the floor, climb on dads back, fly on his feet, zerberts, etc... sometimes they act just like me! - ha ha ha

Monalea - I think he is incredible too!

KP - We miss you guys too! Wish we were closer, or at least connected by a road! You and your family are always welcome in our home (wherever it may be)!