Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pictures of the Baird kids

We have taken a few pictures recently and wanted to share them with folks.

How different would your life be if you thought it were being recorded on film? I think the basketball games would sound a little different! We were amazed at the attitudes of the fans. We sat next to some kid and he was getting after it! Not in a good way. Hmmmm I wonder who he learned that from? Enough preaching - enjoy the pictures!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

1/2 Marathon?! Get out of town!

Amanda has challenged me to do the same challenge she issued to Melissa and Jennifer. Yes, it is to run a 1/2 marathon! Can you imagine me running that far? 13.1 miles of eating Amanda's dust! That just sounds so cheesy but I am up to the challenge even though she can run better than I. Maybe I will challenge her to ride in the "Hotter Than Hell" bicycle race next Summer! It is funny how God has given each of us different abilities. For us, it seems that the one who does better in one event cheers the other on in that same event. That's the way it ought to be in home and in church! Be a great encourager to each other ~ love each other deeply ~ enjoy the life and abilities God has given you ~ accept encouragement to press on (even if you do not think it to be your ability).

I have really enjoyed running with Amanda. We have good conversations while running. Actually, she talks and I am gasping for my next breath. I catch-up on my talking during the cool down laps!

Our kids run laps too!

God SPEED! (I'm gonna need it just to keep up with Amanda!)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Need any help breaking your New Year's Resolutions?

I usually do not need any help breaking my "new habit plan" but those sweet little girls selling those sweet little cookies that taste so good sure can put the "new habit plan" on pause! Man, it ought to be outlawed for innocent faces to sale cookies that contribute to one of the seven deadly sins! Gluttony! I don't hear too many sermons on that subject! I haven't given any either ~ I kind of have a thing towards hypocrites and the best way not to be a hypocrite is to never say anything that may incriminate you.
Anyway, my girls are on the prowl to sale those deadly cookies! If you need any - call us! I taught a class on fasting last week but I promise I won't teach or preach on gluttony until after Feb 22 (the last day the kids can sell cookies).

Here are my kids developing their salesmanship and confidence.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Leadership Training for Christ, Youth, Progressive Dinner

We are helping our youth get ready for LTC! If you do not know what LTC is and all of its many facets then check this link out - . Amanda and I have volunteered to help with some of the bulletin board assignments. Matt Howell has a good post about the involvement of our teens in LTC at .

Amanda and I hosted a bunch of teens during the Christmas break. Matt and Cheryl Howell, our resident Youth ministers, planned a Progressive Dinner for the teens and we were the hosts who served desert! Amanda baked a chocolate sheet cake (somewhat of a specialty of hers - I have yet to eat a better chocolate sheet cake!) and I made the ice cream - well I should say I bought the Blue Bell ice cream!

Anyway, we are glad they came over to our house. I think we had about 20 in all (it has been a while so don't hold me to that number, there may have been more). Here are a few pictures of our wonderful teens.

P.S. - Youth Sunday is February 1st. The Youth will help with our morning assembly.

His Needs Her Needs Class

We are facilitating the course HIS NEEDS HER NEEDS again to those who are interested in improving their relationship with their spouse. HIS NEEDS HER NEEDS is not a class just for marriages that are "on the mend" or "on the rocks" which seems to be a common misconception! This class is for anyone who would like to come to a greater understanding of their mate, improve upon what they already have, simply expand their gray matter or understand their own behavior. If you do take the course; your habits, thought processes, introspection of self, etc... will be challenged.

I am excited for our marriage and for those married couples who have decided to continue to value their relationships with their spouses. This week may be a little tougher than the other weeks because "Love Busters" will be identified and egos will be challenged. Please pray for all the members of our class as we pursue deeper relationships with our spouses.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cy and Maria Cox

During the Christmas break we were blessed to have some friends visit us. I wish they came just to see us ... but ... they were passing through (out of the way passing through) on their way to Nikiski, Alaska. Cy has been studying at Freed Hardeman University for an education in ministry. Cy, sorry but the best education comes while on the job. There is nothing like on the job training to break you in right! God knows what He is doing, relax, learn and enjoy the adventure!
We had a lot of laughs about great times. The first time the Cox family came over to eat at our house in Juneau, there was a lot of ducking, dodging, laughing, Cy and I running around the block, and hiding! We have a great friendship (the whole family) and they will be missed. We hope to see them in Alaska someday! Of course his high paying job should be able to fly us all up! If nothing else, at least me so I can preach a gospel meeting for them or whatever they need.
Here are a few pictures of us building Gingerbread Houses.

Family Traditions on Christmas Eve

I know this is really late but I wanted to share what we have done on Christmas Eve for a few years now.

We open presents - one at a time, youngest to oldest. We like to see what each other has given not just see what we individually receive. This tradition makes it exciting for the giver and the receiver. We're not as slow as dad though! - ha ha ha

The kids also open special presents from a special family in Juneau (the Hendersons). These presents are pajamas! The kids look forward to wearing new pajamas the night Santa comes. The kids couldn't wait to put them on. They all wanted to sleep with the little stuffed animals they received too! Thank You Kevin and Janet for making Christmas Eve night a little more exciting! Makayla remembered before she opened her present and couldn't wait to put the pajamas on even before she opened them!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Makayla, "I just couldn't stop smiling!"

Wow, I looked at the date that we last published a post and realized IT HAS BEEN A WHILE! "Sorry" want to keep up with us through the blog.
I will try to catch-up by writing several posts in one day.

Early in December, Makayla had a similar experience as Lexi when they sang at local bank in Tulia. She was excited to sing and told us afterward, "I just wanted to smile all the time! I just couldn't stop smiling." I sure love that attitude in her. Makayla is our little drama Queen but 99% of the time she is happy, smiling, singing, playing etc...

There is one thing she could not understand. Lexi's group sang at Wells Fargo and Santa showed up and all the kids were able to sit on his knee and tell him what they wanted him to bring. Makayla's group sang at HCSB which is a much smaller building (we barely squeezed into the building), Santa showed up but it was such a tight place and we had impeded bank business long enough that the kids didn't get a chance to sit on his knee. She didn't care for that too much! She was probably too concerned about Lexi getting to do something she didn't get to do! Yes the JEALOUSLY thing rears its ugly head every now and then. We really do not want this to continue and try to teach her, with over-dramatic conversations by dad. I have seen the actions and have overheard verbal abuses of jealous adults and it really is tacky and just plain repulsive.
So, help me. Got any ideas on how to stop and prevent sibling rivalry or jealous tendencies? I know they are just kids but the next time I turn around they will be grown and to some extent they will have carried with them the baggage I have allowed them to carry.