Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cy and Maria Cox

During the Christmas break we were blessed to have some friends visit us. I wish they came just to see us ... but ... they were passing through (out of the way passing through) on their way to Nikiski, Alaska. Cy has been studying at Freed Hardeman University for an education in ministry. Cy, sorry but the best education comes while on the job. There is nothing like on the job training to break you in right! God knows what He is doing, relax, learn and enjoy the adventure!
We had a lot of laughs about great times. The first time the Cox family came over to eat at our house in Juneau, there was a lot of ducking, dodging, laughing, Cy and I running around the block, and hiding! We have a great friendship (the whole family) and they will be missed. We hope to see them in Alaska someday! Of course his high paying job should be able to fly us all up! If nothing else, at least me so I can preach a gospel meeting for them or whatever they need.
Here are a few pictures of us building Gingerbread Houses.


Monalea said...


I love your blog and your family. I'm very proud of you and the love you have for the Lord. I pray for your family daily.


Bruce and Amanda Baird said...

Monalea - thank you for the prayers!