Monday, January 12, 2009

Leadership Training for Christ, Youth, Progressive Dinner

We are helping our youth get ready for LTC! If you do not know what LTC is and all of its many facets then check this link out - . Amanda and I have volunteered to help with some of the bulletin board assignments. Matt Howell has a good post about the involvement of our teens in LTC at .

Amanda and I hosted a bunch of teens during the Christmas break. Matt and Cheryl Howell, our resident Youth ministers, planned a Progressive Dinner for the teens and we were the hosts who served desert! Amanda baked a chocolate sheet cake (somewhat of a specialty of hers - I have yet to eat a better chocolate sheet cake!) and I made the ice cream - well I should say I bought the Blue Bell ice cream!

Anyway, we are glad they came over to our house. I think we had about 20 in all (it has been a while so don't hold me to that number, there may have been more). Here are a few pictures of our wonderful teens.

P.S. - Youth Sunday is February 1st. The Youth will help with our morning assembly.


Anonymous said...

Love LTC and what it means to young people. Love leaders like you and Amanda who work with the kids and help them learn. Keep up the good work. Love your blog. Marr

Marci said...

I was wondering if you abandoned ship!! So glad to see you back and read about your wonderful family. It is funny to see those kids doing LTC, b/c I still feel like that is what I should be doing!! By the way, great ice cream making skills, looks like much hasn't changed.

Bruce and Amanda Baird said...

Thanks for your comment Marr - I really like LTC and the experience it gives our kids! The church has a better future because of its service and the service of our adults interacting with our kids!

Marci! - Good to hear from you too! Never underestimate my resourcefulness in making ice cream! - ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work! May the youth in your area see Jesus at work in your lives!

Jake Moudy said...

hey nice pics... by the way if we dont get enough money for the youth funds(not to be greedy) i will cry because i wont get to go to LTC

Bruce and Amanda Baird said...

Kevin - thank you for your comment and blessing.

Jake - don't cry just yet - pray and rejoice in what God gives.