Friday, January 9, 2009

Makayla, "I just couldn't stop smiling!"

Wow, I looked at the date that we last published a post and realized IT HAS BEEN A WHILE! "Sorry" want to keep up with us through the blog.
I will try to catch-up by writing several posts in one day.

Early in December, Makayla had a similar experience as Lexi when they sang at local bank in Tulia. She was excited to sing and told us afterward, "I just wanted to smile all the time! I just couldn't stop smiling." I sure love that attitude in her. Makayla is our little drama Queen but 99% of the time she is happy, smiling, singing, playing etc...

There is one thing she could not understand. Lexi's group sang at Wells Fargo and Santa showed up and all the kids were able to sit on his knee and tell him what they wanted him to bring. Makayla's group sang at HCSB which is a much smaller building (we barely squeezed into the building), Santa showed up but it was such a tight place and we had impeded bank business long enough that the kids didn't get a chance to sit on his knee. She didn't care for that too much! She was probably too concerned about Lexi getting to do something she didn't get to do! Yes the JEALOUSLY thing rears its ugly head every now and then. We really do not want this to continue and try to teach her, with over-dramatic conversations by dad. I have seen the actions and have overheard verbal abuses of jealous adults and it really is tacky and just plain repulsive.
So, help me. Got any ideas on how to stop and prevent sibling rivalry or jealous tendencies? I know they are just kids but the next time I turn around they will be grown and to some extent they will have carried with them the baggage I have allowed them to carry.


Timbra said...

"siblings without rivalry". . . let me know if you like it :) i have read "how to talk so your kids will listen and listen so your kids will talk" by the same authors, and hear this book is just as wonderful. but of course, some of it is just age and being sisters :)

Anonymous said...

You realize it and that is good and you can work with them. You and Amanda can help them. Some competivness is good and normal. Don't play one against the other I think is the biggest thing. Pray about them and with them. Love you, Mom

Monalea said...

Bruce you are a loving and caring man and an incredible father. Just keep pouring love into your kids and teach them by example. Even your potato head wife is pretty awesome. :)