Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Birthday Parties and Celebrations

We have two birthdays in March - Brooklyn's and Alexis'. We had fun celebrating their births (and all the other days of their lives too). I like getting together with people just about every chance we can. Especially when we are having fun!

We had Brooklyn's 2 year old Birthday party at McDonald's in Plainview. It was fun to watch the kids until we didn't watch one or rather couldn't find one. It didn't happen until the end of the party when everyone had been exiting the building to get in their cars. We thought we had everyone! Oooops! We were missing one. Which one do you think we left behind? Which one almost stopped my wife's heart?

For Lexi's birthday, we all went to the YMCA because it is "fun to be at the YMCA". Gotta love that song! It will probably be in your head all day now. You're welcome! Anyway, we had her party last Saturday, right after the big snow blizzard (that is relative to where you live). We had a lot of fun celebrating her 6th birthday. We had some special guests there - grandma, aunt Terrie, and Jasalyn came from Arkansas; Janet came from Alaska to Colorado Springs to drive down with her daughter Sarah. It was an awesome time! We don't have any pictures of that - our camera battery died. Evidently it is an odd size because we couldn't find one anywhere!


Paden Family said...

So where was Hunter hiding? Tell Amanda that I am having to get 3 little ones in and out of my car now. Only 2 more mongth till summer and then I can assign the older children a younger child.:-)

Bruce and Amanda Baird said...

You guessed it - Hunter John! He got wrapped up in playing with his gift bag instead of watching where he was walking! I am sure there is a spiritual application in that.

Janet said...

I have pictures of Lexi's birthday party that I will share with you all.
It was great to visit you all but the timing was way too short.
I will need to figure out how to fix that for next time but I know that I won't be visiting in March again.
love you all

Anonymous said...

Sorry, we missed the parties. The kids are so sweet. I know Amanda must have been scared, bet you were, if you'd admit it. Love you all, Grandmama