Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Tree, Lives adorned by God

Every year we come together as a family and put up the Christmas Tree! We have lots of fun putting the fake tree up. Dad usually grumbles and complains about finding all the right color-coded limbs and tangled nonworking Christmas Lights (seems to make it a little more fun for me when I do)! I think a great torment in hell should be trying to find the one light bulb that is not working on a million-mile strand of Christmas Lights!

Anyway, the above pictures show our tradition of everyone receiving their own ornament to place on the tree. We try to mark the year on the ornament so they can remember when, where, how old, etc... The pictures below are of the kids putting the ornaments on the tree.

I think as Christians we start out like the barren Christmas Tree (probably with lots of complaints and grumblings from the 'Holier Than Thou Crowd') but as we mature (a life time process) God adorns our lives with peace, hope, love, and finally ends up with the Christian with Christian character (read Romans 5 for more information).
For the Christians who are adorned with the right ornaments in the right place - please be patient with those of us who are still being adorned.
For those who are in the process of being adorned by God - don't give up, remember the song (one of my favorites) "He's Still Working On Me".
How or with whom has God adorned your life?


Anonymous said...

Loved your blog today, thought it was a wonderful comparison. There have been times when I've felt like I'm adorned just like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree, pretty much barren. No fruit (ornaments) to be decorated with. But then I remember God can fix anything. I loved the kids pictures, they are so sweet. Marr

Monalea said...

Awesome application!

Loved and laughed about the Christmas tree lights.