Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Baseball and T-Ball

Our three oldest kids started playing ball this Summer for the first time. Makayla is playing machine pitch baseball. The ball ball is pitched to her at 45 mph. Dad sure thought that was really fast. I about had a heart attack when I saw her at the plate that first time! Like most things ... she has adapted well. The first single excited us. She hit a double the other night! And then she made it to third base! She was thrown out at home the next play. She will get a huge reward if she hit a home run!

Alexis and Hunter are on the same with their parents as coaches! I am not sure who we need to pray for more often; the kids or the parents. I have really enjoyed coaching T-Ball! What a fun age! All the kids progressed well with their throwing abilities, running to the right bases, some still need to work on baseline rules (not a game of tag all the way to the outfield - ha ha ha!) The games and practices were entertaining to say the least!

Lexi has really taken to the sport but I know she is just bidding her time until soccer starts. Soccer is what she really can't wait to begin! We need our good friend Amy Henderson from Juneau to help us out! Amanda and another good friend, Jennifer are coaching. They will do well.

I wonder if God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit discuss our spiritual "playing abilities". I can imagine them saying, "Is Bruce ever going to hit that ball - hahaha. Or good job! Home run! Hi five! We'll get'em next time!" I sure hope they are not saying, "When is he going to get off the bench? Why is he playing with the dirt? Is he really chasing that butterfly? Quit whining and get the ball!"

I hope I have the attitude of "Put me in Coach!" when the Coach needs me.

Have a great game! Get in the game! Love the game!


Anonymous said...

Would love to see all the kids play, sorry we didn't get to. I know you and Amanda did your best to be good coaches, fair and gentle. A good coach can't be beat
in matters that mean the most. jm

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