Monday, June 15, 2009

Training Again!

Well, a lot has happened between this morning and two months ago!

One thing that has happened is our training (running program) has begun on a more serious note. I like to run, I like to exercise but when I feel like I have to then it becomes more difficult. I know, I know, its a mind set thing. That seems to be holding me back a little.

We ran just a little over 3 miles today because I had to! Actually, I ran because Amanda motivated me. I also knew if I didn't run then she would be way ahead of me on the 1/2 marathon schedule! Training is hard ... until you reach "the zone", so they say.

Spiritually speaking, "physical training is of some value ... godly training has value in all things", "train yourselves to be godly" and other scriptures suggests that spirituality doesn't just fall on our heads as we walk underneath the "spirit tree". It is training, against my will at times, exciting, new, fresh, revitalizing ... it is still training. The fulcrum seems to be the "have to" verses "want to". It is my opinion that He helps me want to even when I don't think I want to.

Pray for training - both physical and spiritual!

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Anonymous said...

I like the way you always make a good spiritual message out of all your every day activites. You are a good teacher. g.b.