Thursday, September 25, 2008

Garden, Home Cooking and A Good Helper

A friend of ours, who would probably like to remain anonymous, planted a garden in our backyard when he found out what we liked to eat. He planted the garden before we arrived so we were able to enjoy the produce pretty soon after we arrived. It is good to be blessed by the work of others!
The first photo is of a bell pepper, Anaheim peppers (I think) and yellow squash. Separately they are OK but blended together with chicken, onions, Mexican food spices, and a tortilla they are out of the world delicious! Amanda cooked fajitas, which is the second picture. She was also blessed to have a little helper stirring the fajita "stuffing".
I like the spiritual produce (God calls it fruit, a metaphor of His results because of His working in His people) because of God working in our lives. When our "spiritual produce" comes together we can create an aromatic, savory offering to God. Or we can put our own selfish self-seeking produce together and make a really bitter stinky meal. Sad to say, I think I have contributed to one of those meals a time or two.
Which one would you rather eat? How can you and I prepare a delectable offering for God?


Marci said...

It looks like you have a pretty good little helper!

Bruce and Amanda Baird said...

marci - Hunter is a one-of-a-kind helper! He turns 4 Oct. 4.

Paden Family said...

Did Amanda use Claud's? If so I am expecting a care package any day... It is so weird to think of Hunter turning 4. But then again Justus isn't far behind him. Justus was super excited to see a pictur of Hunter this morning on your blog.

Mommysmart said...

Hey Bruce,

Welcome to the world of blogging!

Monica Smart

Toni Burns said...

So glad you are blogging. I have heard from many that they are so excited to have you back. Lena called us the other day and seemed really excited to have you guys there.
Cory is in Lubbock right now. I am sure he would love to see you guys. He, James Henderson and Chadd Schroeder are teaching a workshop this weekend - you should see if you can round up some of the members and take them to hear it. He has a cell phone and the number is 575-218-8765. He is at Blue Haven right now but should be back tomorrow night. Please tell AManda I would love to hear from her. My e-mail is

Toni Burns said...

PS sorry the workshop is next Saturday not this weekend.

Phelps family said...

So the other night I was reading your post here just before going to bed. And then wouldn't you know it, I had a dream about your family. We were outside a house in the yard (it wasn't mine but it definitely wasn't in TX). And we were, not surprisingly looking at the garden. I knew it wasn't in TX because the garden was soaking wet like it would be if it was in Juneau. Anyway, Bruce reaches into the garden and accidentally finds a snake with his hand, and pulls it up out of the slop. No for being someone who doesn't like snakes (if I remember correctly, and I thought of it in my dream) you remained quite calm, Bruce. And that's all I remember. I think a child woke me up before I could dream the ending.
Anyway, thought it was pretty funny and wanted to share it with you and anyone else who wants to read your comments. I guess that should teach me to read blogs just before bed. Or I should keep it up and increase my chance of interesting dreams.

Bruce and Amanda Baird said...

padens - you might get a suprise package someday!

Monica - thanks for the welcome!

toni - it would be good to see all those guys again. How did you get stuck at home?

Rachel - I hope you keep reading and sharing those funny dreams! Knowing you might dream about may change what I will blog about.
You are correct about the snake thing! Can't stand them! I found two in our backyard a couple of weeks ago. I was mowing it kreeped out of the grass - it was huge! After I killed it the kids wanted to see it. They asked what kind of snake it was and I told them it was a "falthead" snake becuase it was after the crow bar hit!
Keep reading, dreaming, and commenting!

Monalea said...


I'll be right up for some yummy cooking. My cooking has taken a turn for the worse. Can't wait to see ya'll in 2 weeks. I like the way you take life and put God in everything.....right where He should be.


PS- More Potatoes to Amanda