Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Another escapade - compliments of Hunter John!

Hunter has given another avenue to get into the lives of people around us! His little "Tarzan" demonstration led us to the Hospital Friday morning. Hunter received 10 staples in the back of his head. It could have been worse, it could have been the front of his head!

I am sure Amanda has spread the news already but I do not do blood, gashes, stitches or staples all that well, especially when happen to my own flesh and blood! 4 of us started out holding Hunter down while the wound was cleaned and stapled. I took a little break from the action. I started feeling cold and sweaty, tasted a weird taste in my mouth, and looked white as a sheet. That is when the Dr suggested, then ordered me to sit down. She said it would be easier to hold Hunter down than to pick up 200 lbs of me! I thought it was a good time for a restroom break anyway!

I really hate that Hunter had that little experience but I really don't mind all of his spirited, creativity as longs as he comes back OK or better off. I would hate to break his spirit and make him into a robot. I love, like, appreciate and even envy his attitude and activeness at times.

I can't help but wonder if God looks down on us and thinks, "Quit being so timid and lifeless! Go for it!" Sometimes when we do go for it, we get hurt! The best part is that our Father is not squeamish at all! He helps us up, teaches us and inspires us to "Go for it" one more time! Of course, that's if we're listening to Him!


Marci said...

I hope his spirit doesn't break either, but I also hope he doesn't have any more accidents. I loved the comment, "It could have been worse, it could have been the front of his head!" Only dads see it that way!

Anonymous said...

Tell Hunter I am glad he didn't get hurt any worst!

I am sure there will be more stitches and broken bones in the future, since Hunter only knows one speed!

Love you all.