Friday, October 10, 2008

Stone Soup

Amanda and I have started having Stone Soup with the Wednesday morning Bible. We had our first Stone Soup this past Wednesday. We are studying Hebrews. I really like the book of Hebrews. I have enjoyed teaching it and getting reaquainted with those special folks in the class. They are a fun, loving, interesting group of people to be around! I hope they like us as much as we like them!

Amanda and Robin Stewart helped combine all the ingredients our class brought into a roaster/crock-pot. They also made Jiffy Cornbread (I like Jiffy - its like having cornbread and dessert at the same time!)

Here is a picture of that fun loving group of people I am talking about.

Brooklyn liked the lunch too. She ate, got her tummy full and took a nap! What a way to live!


Bethany and Andrew Vaughn said...

It's so interesting and cool to see your family making it's changes as they grow. I hope you are enjoying where you live now. FYI, the snow is at the ridgeline on thunder right now. It's like, watching a movie in slow motion and knowing it's coming soon! I noticed your kids had a sun tan, I sure miss the south

Timbra said...

the congregation in fiji had stone soup every sunday after services. it was a great way for everyone to give just the tiniest bit and also a great time of lunchtime family and fellowship. hope you're having a wonderful time with your stone soup family.

Bruce and Amanda Baird said...

vaugns - we are enjoying family, the church and the sun! Come see us sometime.

timbra - we are enjoying the stone soup. I hope I don't get the stone. The person who gets the stone gets to do all the dishes!