Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wasp nest, sting of death, bug spray

Tuesday evening, after growing weary of killing wasps with Amanda's shoe (they are flat on the bottoms and make for a good splatting weapon) it finally dawned on me that there may be a wasp nest under the eve of our house. Sure enough, there were two! Amanda knew about one and assumed I knew about it. To date, I have killed about 45-50 wasps! I bought a can of wasp spray form our local lumber yard, killed wasps and pulled the wasps nest out.

We are extremely grateful that nobody was stung during the whole ordeal!

I am reminded that sin and death sting! I am so grateful that the stinging is over and the rejoicing because of new life continues! - I Corinthians 15 is a great place to learn about our victory over sin and death (Romans 8 is a good text to read and believe too).

Have a blessed day!



As you sprayed were you screaming at the wasps, "Oh, wasp where is thy sting, Oh wasp where is your victory?"

Bruce and Amanda Baird said...

Trey - nope but I was thinking all the while, "I bet if Trey and Darrell were here and one came at us I could out run them!" ha ha ha

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