Friday, October 17, 2008

Family Traditions

Amanda and I have been facilitating a new class on Sunday mornings called FANTASTIC FAMILIES
6 Proven Steps to Building a Strong FamilyDr. Nick & Nancy Stinnett and Joe & Alice Beam

It seems an important component or commitment in healthy strong families is Family Traditions.

In the book Fantastic Families, which I highly recommend (take the course too!) there are 6 commitments that families need to adhere to. #5 is Commitment to Family Traditions
· Family traditions serve an important role in family cohesiveness
· The Lord instituted a family tradition for the Jews – Passover Celebration
-The oldest son would ask; “What does this mean?” as the meal begins
· Traditions provide a sense of history for the family
· Traditions create memories for family members
· EX: Meals together, devotionals, holidays, vacations, birthday celebrations, etc.

We have several traditions in our family - one is Pizza night on Thursdays. This past Thursday evening the kids made their own pizzas. Believe it or not they actually turned out delicious!


Marci said...

Loved your pics...So glad your kids know how to cook!! In the short time our little family has been together, we have lots of traditions already and I hope we will add some more later. One is our Saturday morning tradition-we go eat breakfast with my parents every Saturday!! Another is bed time prayers-Ella calls them "Amens!"

Bruce and Amanda Baird said...
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Bruce and Amanda Baird said...

Marci - I'd like to eat with your parents again. I mooched off of them while a single youth minister - I'll bring 5 more with me this time! ha ha ha. Keep the "Amens" going - say a few for me too!

katie paden said...

hey i heard that something happened to Hunters head... anyone here could have told them that a concrete thing would be an accident waiting to happen with Hunter around!
love ya!

Monalea said...

What a clean table they are working on. How did it stay that clean during all the pizza makings? You should see the area where I work when I'm making pizza. It even looks bad when I'm eating pizza.

I love you guys so much and you have an incredible family.

Love you 2-3-6,


ps - Papitos to Amanda